Environmental Health & Safety

Hazardous Material Management

Environmental Health & Safety at Washington University in St. Louis is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the environment. Established federal and state regulations require that the University ensure that chemical, infectious, radioactive, and universal wastes be properly managed.

Questions regarding waste management and disposal can be directed to the University’s trained environmental professional personnel.

Danforth Campus
Donna Hall - Desk: 935-4650
Mark Zykan - Desk: 935-8260; Cell: 277-5722

Medical Campus
Livi Isringhausen - Desk : 362-6735
Jason Allen - Desk: 747-1533; Cell: 288-5095
Jeffrey Brenning - Desk: 747-1533; Cell: 278-9349
Mitch Burger - Desk: 747-1533; Cell: 278-7005
Phillip Hellmann - Desk: 747-1533
Email to: EHSECDMS@wusm.wustl.edu

New laboratory and art studio hazardous waste regulations, became effective July 1, 2013, (Subpart K) Information

Please see the following links explaining the upcoming changes in our regulatory requirements for hazardous waste management regulations under the adoption of the new EPA Lab Rule also known as “Subpart K”.  These documents lay out the main changes that became effective July 1, 2013 to all laboratories associated with Washington University’s Large Quantity Generator Permits on the Danforth and School of Medicine campuses. 

Off campus locations such as the Cortex Building and clinics will not be affected by these changes.  Additionally, facilities such as  pharmacies and operational shop areas are also excluded.

The new regulations have several key components that affect labeling, container management and various aspects of time management for the containers of waste generated by the lab.  These regulations have reduced some of the regulatory burden related to hazardous waste generation at our institution and should result in decreased potential for penalties and fines.

Your assigned auditor will be assisting you with questions and concerns. 

Some key notes:

  • The yellow "Hazardous Waste" labels are replaced by blue "Unwanted Material" labels.
  • Unwanted Material may only be in your lab for 6 months.
  • EH&S now has ten(10) days to remove Unwanted Materials.

Attachments:  Training slides, Comparison sheet


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