Within this section you will find a wide variety of policies, guidelines and manuals to help you complete your work, or to advise you on certain regulations, procedures, or best practices.

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Application for Possession and Use of Radioactive Materials, Excluding Human Use

This form is for the initial application to use radioactive material. It is also used for renewals, every two years after the initial approval.

Application to Amend a Radioactive Material Authorization

Submit this form to request changes to your Radioactive Material Authorization.

Art Installations Guide/Expressive Activity

Art Installations Guide/Expressive Activity for Danforth Campus Approval

Biological Spill Guidelines

Large Biohazardous Spill Outside a Biological Safety Cabinet

Biological Waste Disposal Guidance

Regulated Biological Waste Disposal

Bloodborne Pathogens

Research Laboratory – Specific Work Practices

Chemical Waste in Satellite Campuses/Buildings and Non-Laboratories on Campus Guidance

Chemical Waste in Satellite Campuses or Buildings and Non – Laboratories on Campus – Checklist

CHP Appendix 1: Eyewash Inspections

Appendix 1: Eyewash Inspections

CHP Appendix 2: Training Records

Appendix 2: Training Records

CHP Appendix 4: Lab Specific Training

Appendix 4: Lab Specific Training

Clinic Blue Book

Complete list of resources for Clinic Safety Blue Book

Declaration of Pregnancy

This form is used to make your written declaration of pregnancy.

Drone Policy & Operating Request Forms

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Equipment Notification Form

This form is used to notify Radiation Safety of significant pieces of equipment, such as lasers, x-ray devices, MRIs, etc.