Introduction: In order to prevent violations of local, state and federal regulations, all materials generated during a research or teaching process must be approved for drain disposal. The steps below ensure that no disposal of hazardous materials in violation of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) or pollutants in violation of the Clean Water Act (CWA) enter the Washington University (WU) sewer system. In addition, WU Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) isobligated to evaluate the potential for harm to the Campus population and community health and to further address any potential dangers to the environment.

Waste Stream Approval Process: Limited approvals may be obtainedfor the waste generated from certain processes for research and teaching projects by contacting the EHS Environmental Compliance Division (ECD). Contact your campus specificEnvironmental Compliance Manager or have your laboratory’sBiological Chemical & Safety Division auditor facilitatethe approval through the ECD. In order to obtain approval, please provide the following information:

  • Identify the waste stream.
  • Submit written methodology for the generation of the waste stream.
  • Identify the constituents present in the waste stream including the concentration of all of the constituents.
  • Consider any end products and intermediaries that might be present in the solution
  • Provide SDSs as appropriate
  • Provide analytical data as appropriate. Include flashpoint, pH or other physical properties.
  • Identify the quantity generated in the process as well as the frequency of anticipated disposal.
  • Identify any additional waste streams that would be potentially sewered at the same time.

Submission Process: complete and submit the following online  form and any supporting documents.

Sewer Disposal Authorization Form

Sewer Disposal Authorization Form

Chemical Names/Constituents and % Composition(NoTrade Names or acronyms)

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Submitted Sewer Disposal Authorization Form will be Approved by EH&S personnel. Please place approved document in Laboratory Blue Book and include in laboratory specific training.

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