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Abbreviations, common list
Access to Environmental Management Facility
Amusement Rides & Inflatables Policy
Animals - Domestic companion animal
Animals on campus - Service and assistance animals
Appendix 2 (Lab Specific Training Records)
Appendix 4 (Lab Specific Training Template)
Art Installations Guide/Expressive Activity for Danforth Campus Approval
Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Plan
Assistant Vice Chancellor – Environmental Health & Safety - Publications and Invited Presentations
Automatic Failure Categories for Lab Inspections
Back Safety - Proper Lifting Training
Backstopping researchers' safety
Battery Recycling
Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) use
Biological Spill Protocol
Biological Toxin Disposal Policy
Biological toxins that are regulated as Select Agents
Biological, Infectious, Medical and Pathological Waste Disposal Guidance
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan (including appendices 1-15)
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan Appendix 15
Bonfire Policy - Off Campus
Bonfire Policy Danforth Campus
BSL2+ Standard Operating Procedures
BSL3 Labs inspection checklist
Candle and Incense Use Policy
Charity 5K Run Guidelines
Chemical fume hood use
Chemical Hygiene Plan Appendix 2 (Lab Specific Training Records)
Chemical Hygiene Plan Appendix 4 (Lab Specific Training Template)
Chemical hygiene plan for laboratories on Danforth Campus
Chemical hygiene plan for laboratories on Medical School Campus
Chemical Inventory - Chemical Purchase Order activation form for AIS/Marketplace
Chemical Inventory Guidelines
Chemical Inventory Policy
Chemical Inventory Tutorial
Chemical Labeling Guidelines
Chemical Storage Guidelines
Chemical Waste and Unwanted Material Management Checklist for Laboratories on the Danforth and School of Medicine Campuses
Chemical Waste Mangement Checklist for Non-Laboratories and Off-Campus Locations
Clinic Safety Inspection Checklist
Clinic Safety Inspection Checklist Description
Clinic Safety Plan
Confined Space Entry Procedures
Container Closure Exceptions under Subpart K
Container Guidance for Unwanted Materials - Medical School
Container Guidance for Unwanted Materials Danforth
Container Recycling and Disposal in Laboratories
Corridor and Egress Safety Policy
Cryogenic Safety Training
DHS Chemicals of Interest List - Appendix A List
Disaster Preparedness - Evacuation
Disposal/Recycling of Hazardous and Regulated Materials including Chemicals, Electronics and Equipment
Domestic Animal - Dog Attack Prevention Tips
Domestic Companion Animal Policy
Drone (Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)) Operating Plan Submission Form
Drone (Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)) Third-Party Consent to Operate Template
Drone Policy (Unmanned Aircraft System)
Drug Paraphernalia Policy
Dual Use Research of Concern Policy
Eating, Drinking, and Related Activities in Laboratories Policy
EH&S procedure for safely transporting research specimens on campus
Electronic Equipment (E-Waste) Disposal Policy
Elevator Work Policy Facilities Planing & Management
Emergency Assembly Points - Danforth Campus, North and West Campus
Emergency Assembly Points - Medical School Campus
Emergency Equipment Testing Policy
Ergonomic Guideline
Ergonomics - Laboratory Self Evaluation Form
Ergonomics - Training for laboratory workers
Ergonomics Self Evaluation
Ethidium Bromide Disposal
Eyewash testing log for Danforth campus labs
Eyewash testing log for Medical School labs
Fall Protection Policy
Fireworks Policy
Flammable Liquid Waste Storage
Food Safety - Food for Sale Policy
Formaldehyde Exposure Control Plan
FPM Safety Policies and Procedures 2015
Fraternity & Sorority Life - Social Event Fire & Electrical Rules
Glass Recycling policy
Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles Policy
Green Hall Laboratory Hydrogen Fire Incident
Hand Hygiene Procedure
Hazard Communication Program
Hazard Communication Program
Hearing Conservation Program
Hot Work Procedures Danforth, North, West and South Campuses
Hotwork Permit Procedures
Hoverboard Usage Ban
Human Tissue Use in Vitro
IBC Policy on Incident Reporting
IBC Protocol (Clinical Trial)
IFC - Flammable Liquid Allowable Building Storage Amounts
Indoor Air Quality - Standard Operating Procedures
Infection Control Procedures for Animal and Human Studies
Infection Prevention Project (Clinical) Assessment
Infectious Substances - DOT reference guide for shipping infectious substances
Injury & Illness Information - Refusal of Treatment Form
Injury & Illness Reporting Procedure
Injury or Illness Report Form
Injury/Illness Procedures - Danforth Campus Employees
Injury/Illness procedures for clinic employees in off-campus locations
Injury/Illness procedures for employees in off-campus locations
Injury/Illness procedures for WU employees in BJH locations
Injury/Illness procedures for WU employees on the Medical School Campus
Inventorying Legacy Materials
Laboratory clean out Guidance
Laboratory Closure Guidance
Laboratory Hazard Assessment Checklist
Laboratory Safety Inspection Checklist
Laboratory Safety Inspection Checklist Description
Laboratory Safety Status Sign
Lead Policy v1-2018
Light Bulb Disposal Guidance
Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Used to Make Ice Cream Policy
Lock Out Tag Out Program
Machine Shop - Student Use After-Hours
Medical Surveillance Policy
Minors in Laboratories
Mold - Guideline to prevent mold growth in coldrooms
myIBC Frequently Asked Questions
myIBC Protocol System Instructions
OSHA Laboratory Standard
OSHA Laboratory Standard - Fact Sheet
OSHA Laboratory Standard Appendix A
OSHA Laboratory Standard Appendix B
Peroxide-forming chemicals guidance document
Pharmaceutical, DEA Controlled Substances, and Drug Disposal
PI Roles and Responsibilities for IBC Protocols
Pipette and Pipette tip disposal policy
P-Listed Chemicals
Portable Space Heater Policy
Pre-Construction General and Lab EH&S CHecklist
Pregnant Worker Guidelines for Hazardous Material Work
Project Manager Guidelines
Pyrophoric/Water-Reactive reagents policy
Pyrophoric/Water-Reactive reagents protocol
Recycling and Donation of Electronic Equipment
Red Tag Permit Procedures - 2018
Removal of Materials from BSL3 Laboratories
Respiratory Protection Program
Safety Alert - Managing Nitric Acid Waste
Safety Tip Sheet - Chemical Hazards
Safety Tip Sheet - Ergonomics
Safety Tip Sheet - Indoor Air Quality
Safety Tip Sheet - Personal Safety and Security
Safety Tip Sheet - Vehicle-Bicycle-Pedestrian Safety
Safety Topic - Lessons Learned from Brauer Hall Incident
Safety Topic - Lessons Learned from chemical laboratory incident
Sample Compliance Guidance Review
Service and Assistance Animals
Severe Adverse Event Reporting for Human Gene Transfer Trial
Sewer Disposal Approval Form fillable
Sewer Disposal Approval Guidelines
Sharps Disposal
Sharps Safety and Handling
Shipment policy for regulated materials
Spill Protocol for BSL3 labs
Sterno (Slid Alcohol) and Candle Use Policy
Subpart K (EPA Lab Rule) Training Slides
Subpart K Chemical Disposal Requirements Comparison Table
Temporary Structures Guidelines
Tent Policy
Transporting Specimens Off-Campus
Tuberculosis Control Plan
University of Hawaii Hydrogen Explosion Report 1
University of Hawaii Hydrogen Explosion Report 2
Used Lamp Disposal Policy
Van Policy - 15-Passenger
Van Policy - Addendum for notice on 12 to 15 passenger van use
Word Document Template for Department Disaster Plan
WU Contractor Safety Guidlines - 2015

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