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OSHA Policy for Home-Based Offices

Due to the COVID Pandemic this year, there has been a dramatic increase in employees working remotely in home-based offices. The Washington University Environmental Health & Safety is concerned about the well-being of employees, both on campus and at home. Due to this, we have developed information in the effort to help Washington University employees working remotely.

  • Policy for Home Offices.

OSHA will not conduct inspections of employees’ home offices.

OSHA will not hold employers liable for employees’ home offices, and does not expect employers to inspect the home offices of their employees.

If OSHA receives a complaint about a home office, the complainant will be advised of OSHA’s policy. If an employee makes a specific request, OSHA may informally let employers know of complaints about home office conditions, but will not follow-up with the employer or employee.

  • Other Requirements.

Employers who are required, because of their size or industry classification, by the OSH Act to keep records of work-related injuries and illnesses, will continue to be responsible for keeping such records, regardless of whether the injuries occur in the factory, in a home office, or elsewhere, as long as they are work-related, and meet the recordability criteria of 29 CFR Part 1904.

Other than clarifying the policy on inspections and procedures concerning home-based worksites, this instruction does not alter or change employers’ obligations to employees.

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Jon Kruyne

Health & Safety Professional IV

Jon Kruyne provides support for Workplace Safety related services. Specifically, ergonomic evaluation, respiratory protection , maintain Workday Respiratory database, facility maintenance training and workplace safety inspection.

Christopher Grunwald

Health & Safety Professional III

Christopher Grunwald provides support for Workplace Safety related services. Specifically ergonomic evaluation , respiratory protection, facility maintenance training and workplace safety inspection.