Environmental Health & Safety

Hazardous Material Management

Environmental Health & Safety at Washington University in St. Louis is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the environment. Established federal and state regulations require that the University ensure that chemical, infectious, radioactive, and universal wastes be properly managed.

Listed below are the University’s waste management methods:

Batteries: EHS takes all batteries but alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries can be put in the trash because the reclamation process generally utilizes more resources to reprocess and remanufacture the materials than are gained from the battery recycling.  Submit an online request form and we will pick up and dispose of all other batteries. 

Books/ magazines: EHS does not pickup books/magazines, contact Facilities.

Cartridges from printers: Contact the office supply vendor regarding disposal of toner/ ink cartridges if no return containers is provided with the item purchase. Please visit Resource Management's Toner and Ink Cartridge Recycling Programs page for more information.

Chemicals in original bottle with label: If your lab has large quantity then it should be handled as a lab cleanout, as long as this lab has not done a lab cleanout in 12 months.  These chemicals will need to be labeled and inventoried as described in the Laboratory Cleanout Guidance. If there only a few bottles the container must be labeled as unwanted material or hazardous waste, depending on your location, and submitted for a pickup online.

Chemical wastes:  The container must be labeled as unwanted material or hazardous waste, depending on your location, and submitted for a pickup online

Furniture: EHS does not pickup furniture, contact Facilities or post on WUSTL’s Resource Management webpage.

Light Bulbs: Laboratories generating occasional used light bulbs should carefully wrap the bulb for protection from breakage and utilize a blue “Unwanted Material” label.  The label must be completely filled out, including a start date.  For pick up, complete the online pickup request form. Facilities generating light bulbs should contact EHS for training. For more information  please see the policy.

Paper: EHS does not pickup paper, contact Facilities.

Radioactive waste: This information can be found at Radiation Safety’s radioactive waste webpage.

Sharps Container: Sharps containers may be put in your Bio box or may submitted for pickup online.

Danforth Campus
Donna Hall - Desk: 314-935-4650; Cell Phone 314-223-0147
Mark Zykan - Desk: 314-935-8260; Cell Phone: 314-277-5722
Phil Hellmann -  Desk: 314-935-8260; Cell Phone: 314-278-9426

Medical Campus
Livi Isringhausen - Desk : 314-362-6735; Cell Phone 314-602-8551
Ted Reising - Desk : 314-362-5732; Cell Phone 314-277-0423
Jason Allen - Desk: 314-747-1533; Cell Phone: 314-288-5095
Jeffrey Brenning - Desk: 314-747-1533; Cell Phone: 314-278-9349
Shannon Hambrick - Desk: 314-747-1533; Cell Phone:
Stephen Kemp - Desk: 747-1533; Cell Phone: 314-278-7472

Email to: EHSECDMS@wusm.wustl.edu   

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