RAM Security Requirements

Our practice is that any amount of radioactive material that by law is required to be labeled, must be either attended or secured at all times.  This would include nearly all of the materials at our institution.  Once the material in a lab is not in attendance by a member of the lab staff, the lab door must be locked.  Understanding that sometimes this is not always practical, you can apply for a “Security Exemption” to be able to leave the doors unlocked.  In order to obtain this exemption, you must employ means to secure the materials inside the lab – including waste and samples – before the doors can be left unlocked.  Please contact the Radiation Safety Office for more information about our security policy.  You can obtain the security exemption request from this website.

Record Retention Requirements

Package Receipts/Accountabilities should be kept forever.  Keep at least 3 years worth in your current notebook; older ones can be put in a separate archive notebook if you wish.  Surveys should be kept for at least 3 years, longer if space allows.   Documentation of any spills within the lab should be kept forever.  Also, Decay-in-storage records (DIS) records should be retained forever.   Anything else should be kept as long as reasonable and prudent.

Minors Working In The Lab

Please refer to the Guidelines on Minors in Laboratories policy.  Note that it is Radiation Safety policy that no one under 16 years of age be allowed to work with radioactive materials (RAM).   Persons aged 16 or 17 can work with RAM, provided they meet all guidelines specified in the policy, but must first pass the Radiation Safety Exam and be monitored to measure exposure.  Per Human Resources, they must provide either a driver’s license OR a social security number.  Without one of these, they will be required to have parental consent to work in the lab.   Anyone aged 18 or above will be considered an adult radworker.  No monitoring will be required of a minor worker who does not work with radioactive materials..

Closing Out A Laboratory Or Piece Of Equipment

Radiation Safety and/or EH&S must be notified well in advance of any anticipated closeouts.  Business Managers should post the Laboratory Safety Status Sheet on any room to be vacated or renovated to prevent work form starting or someone else from occupying the room before the proper closeout is complete.  You should plan ahead for:

  • PI leaving the institution;
  • Remodeling, repairs, or disposal of a room or piece of equipment;
  • Lab or equipment no longer needed for use with RAM; and
  • Lab group moving from one location to another within the institution.

Anytime a lab group will move to a new location, they must first submit an amendment form to be able to move their RAM to the new space before the former space can be closed out.

Provide Feedback Regarding Radiation Safety Inspections

We strive to provide and maintain exemplary customer service.  Please click here to open our Inspection Customer Service Survey.  This form can be used to provide any feedback you may have on radiation safety inspections conducted in your lab.  If printed on both sides of a single sheet of paper, the survey can easily be folded over, stapled, and dropped in the mail.  You may also contact radiation safety directly at 314-362-3476 or radsafety@wustl.edu with your feedback.